Czech Republic moves up in Soft Power 30 index

Published: 16.07.2018 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

The Czech Republic moved up to 26th in this year’s ranking, moving ahead of the Russian Federation and China in this year’s Soft Power 30.

The Soft Power 30 – index providing a picture of how changes in policies, as well as wider emerging global trends are affecting the relative distribution of soft power and the comparative ability of countries to attract others.

The fourth edition of the annual Soft Power 30 Index was launched last week and the Czech Republic moved up to 26th in this years ranking.

The result shows that the Czech Republic is thought of as a country with a rich history, and a leading European business hub. The Czech Republic’s location, skilled workforce, and tax incentives suggest the country will continue to enjoy greater economic prosperity.

In the SP30’s Government sub-index, the Czech Republic was placed 19th, ahead of its resurgent European neighbors Greece and Hungary, even surpassing Asian Tigers South Korea and Singapore.

CzechTrade Team, Sydney