Czech Republic plans to invest more money in the railway infrastructure

Published: 26.09.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Building boom on the rail will accelerate as Railway Infrastructure Administration will invest 23 billion CZK next year.

Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) wants to invest in the railway infrastructure next year about 23,3 billion CZK. It is about 3,5 billion CZK more than the expected level of investments this year. In the following years, investments will grow significantly. Most of the investment money planned for the next year should be aimed to upgrade railway lines and around 700 million CZK will be also invested in the reconstruction of the railway stations. According to the plan, about 94 % of the investment should finish in construction projects on the lines. This is a great chance for Australian and New Zealand companies in the infrastructure sector as well since they can bring their know-how to the Czech Republic and take part in these tenders.


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