Czech tourism is booming

Published: 02.02.2020 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Almost 22 million visitors were accommodated in Czech hotels, campsites and other accommodation units in 2019. Number of visitors grew for the seventh time in a row.

Based on the data from the Czech Statistical Office, more and more people seek accommodation in the Czech hotels, campsites or other accommodation units such as for example Airbnbs. Visitors booked accommodation in total for 57 million nights last year, which is the highest number in the history. Even though domestic visitors make a higher share in the number of total guests, foreigners enjoy discovering the Czech country as well. Most foreign visitors come from Germany, Slovakia and Poland, followed by China, USA and Russia. This tendency is expected to continue in the next year, however, the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus from the beginning of 2020 will probably influence international travels globally and the Czech tourism will be no exception.

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Source: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)