Czechs are more willing to move abroad in order to find an interesting job

Published: 19.11.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Czech citizens would prefer to work in the USA, Germany or Australia in order to have a better work-life balance or a higher wage.

Half of the Czechs would be willing to leave their home and move in order to work, even abroad. The main arguments stated by approximately 52 % of people include the possibility of career growth, a better work-life balance, being offered significantly higher wages or a meaningful work. Worldwide, people would most often go to work to the USA (28 %), Germany (25 %) and Australia (22 %) as these countries are fairly more attractive for Czechs than others. At the same time, the results showed that most respondents would prefer to stay close to their home region or live and work in a country where people speak the same or similar language, like Slovakia. In the case of work abroad, Czechs would prefer to vote for their nearest neighbors, first Germany, followed by Austria and Slovakia. Although three fifths of Czech employees would be willing to commute to do an interesting job, they would rather choose a job within walking distance from their home, if they could choose.


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