Energy group ČEZ to consider CZK 1bn investment into water cleaning

Published: 15.04.2020 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

ČEZ Group about to invest CZK 1bn in to desalination water cleaning technology to reduce water consumption in nuclear power plant Dukovany.

Utility ČEZ Group will launch further investments aimed at reducing water consumption in the nuclear power plant Dukovany. The company is currently preparing to replace the lower part of the interior of the cooling towers, which will contribute to reducing the evaporation of raw water due to higher efficiency. In addition, ČEZ will launch an investment of CZK 10m in the treatment of raw water from the dam with stabilizers to reduce the formation of deposits and impurities in the technology in H2 2020. Another measure is to remove impurities dissolved in water by desalination. Given the acquisition cost of CZK 1bn, energy experts must verify the efficiency of the process in real conditions. Therefore, they will build a pilot test line, which they expect to start in 2021. The last measure under preparation is the modernization of the existing technology for the production of so-called demineralised water.  


Source: Daily news | ČIA news

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