Gambrinus ends with plastic bottles

Published: 02.12.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Czech Gambrinus brewery ended its plastic bottles production as a reaction to pollution.

The Gambrinus brewery from the Plzeňský Prazdroj Group is the first large beer brand in the Czech Republic to stop bottling and selling beer in plastic bottles. As a result, the brewery will reduce plastic production by 334 tons. Gambrinus will continue its availability to customers in glass bottles, cans, barrels and beer tanks in pubs and restaurants. The company decided to stop producing more plastic due to extensive pollution as Gambrinus will not continue the production and distribution of beer in plastic packaging since 1st of January 2020. Gambrinus sold around 5 % in plastic bottles this year, 15 % in cans, 40 % in cans, and the remaining 40 % in barrels and tanks.


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