New Energy and Climate Plan focuses on green energy

Published: 13.01.2020 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

The Czech government decided that the share of renewable energy on the total energy consumption should rise from the current 15.6% to 22% by 2030.

Renewable resources should be, based on the Plan, more frequently used not only when it comes to electricity production, but also in transportation and heating and cooling systems. This Energy and Climate Plan (ECP) states that the main responsibility for fulfilling the energy targets should bear the state and not the private sector nor the public. Higher focus should also be on solar energy than it was originally planned.

ECP is a reaction to the recommendations of the EU, which suggested that the ideal share of renewable resources should be 23%. The shift towards green energy is therefore predicted in other European countries as well and the Czech Republic is following the common European energetic strategies.

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Source: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)