Nine out of ten Czechs are in favor of taking a loan

Published: 21.11.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

More and more Czechs are thinking about taking a loan for either investing in education, buying a car or a house.

Almost 87 % of Czechs are in favor of financing their intentions through a loan. They would carefully choose as well the purpose for which they would be in debt. The loan for housing, for the purchase of a car or for the financing of one's own education would be the major assets. The survey has also shown that only one within eight Czechs would not borrow at any cost. University education is the most important to people and both house and car loans take second and third place. About 33 % of people would take the loan for purchase or reconstruction of their housing and 47 % would buy the car. Both older people and young people under 26 years of age are in favor of these loans.


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