Online purchases and e-shops in the Czech Republic are on the rise

Published: 06.01.2020 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

In 2019, Czechs spent 115 billion CZK on online purchases, which is 15% more than previous year.


The number of e-shops grew by 3100. Both of these tendencies are expected to continue in 2020 and another growth by 15% in online purchases is most likely to occur.  Total number of e-shops in the Czech Republic is 46 600 and it is expected that more and more companies are going to join this crowd in the future. Czech people seem to have become more open towards online purchases and use e-shop services much more often than in the past. They mostly shop online for electronics, which make 36% of total online purchases, goods for gardening and household make 15% and fashion online retailers earn 9% of the total online shoppings. 30% of people, however, prefer to pay cash upon delivery, 25% of people use their debit cards to pay straight away.

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Source: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)