The nanofiber membrane for water filtration

Published: 12.08.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

The company Nafigate Corporation after 10 years of research and development produces an excellent nanofibrous membranes ofr waterfiltration.

ECO BRANE  is a result of 10 years of research and development of nanofibrous membranes for waterfiltration. It is a product that takes full advantage of the unique properties of nanofibres especially the ability to create barriers for penetration of even the smallest objects, such as bacteria and viruses, and thus can filter out of the water what treatens the lives and health of people.

However, the super-hydropholic nanofibrous layer is only one part of the whole solution because the whole product must be very strong and durable. By using the classic lamination technique, which is quick and inexpensive, the company Nafigate Corporation is able to produce a sandwich type of layering that preserves the best properties of both materials. From the woven material strength and durability, from nonwoven nanofibres it has an active abilit to filter bacteria. This compositae is treated by a soaking method to improve some filtration and flow properties, then cut and fold into a very simple mold for the most easy use. This material is washable and is capable of filtering hundreds of liters of polluted water.


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Source: Nafigate Corporation