A record-breaking year for Czech gaming studio Bohemia Interactive

Published: 23.03.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

2019 was a record-breaking year for Czech gaming studio Bohemia Interactive.

Last year was a very successful one for Czech gaming industry, especially for the studio Bohemia Interactive. It celebrated 20 years anniversary since its creation with a record-breaking year grossing 1.5 billion CZK, approximately 55 million EUR. The studio got global recognition especially for its military simulator Arma 3, known for its realistic and detail-oriented gameplay, which has been used even for professional military training. Last year, the studio released another hit, a survival post-apocalyptic third-person shooter called DayZ for gaming consoles, selling 1.1 million units of the game and 250 000 of DLCs, additional game content. Adding to a previous success of the game on PCs, the sales reached 5.8 million with 400 000 DLCs both for PCs and consoles. Apart from that, the studio released a free-to-play game Vigor set in post-war Norway and a sandbox survival game Ylands last year as well.

Source: CzechCrunch

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