Czech Fireball heads to mobile phones with Dungeons & Dragons

Published: 29.09.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

Czech gaming studio brings a board game classic to mobile phones

Dungeons & Dragons is a phenomenon in board gaming since the 70s, but the game itself hasn’t changed much for almost 50 years. Czech gaming studio Fireball wants to change this and decided to transform it into a mobile game. Originally, the game is played in a group of at least 3 persons that follow the instructions of a so-called Dungeon Master, but with the game called Fireball RPG, the whole process will go mobile. The studio attracted a lot of attention since the introduction of the idea to digitalize this board classic. At Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform, the game attracted more than 2 900 backers and became the fifth most supported mobile game in the history of the platform. Since then, more investors joined the project, including persons that stand behind the huge success of the Czech digital unicorn, a flight ticket search engine with worldwide success. The game itself should be ready by the end of this year.


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