Czech flag to go to space later this year

Published: 31.07.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

A unique space rocket part created by Czech company S.A.B. Aerospace will go to space in autumn.

Czech aerospace company S.A.B. Aerospace created a special type of carrier that will be part of a European space rocket that will go to space in autumn this year. The carrier called “dispenser” has been created from a special blend of carbon and aluminium panels and despite weighing only 260 kg, it has a cargo capacity of up to 1 500 kg. The whole development of the carrier took 7 years including 8 months of manufacturing and 3 months of assembling. However, the lifespan of the dispenser is very short, only around 105 minutes. The company says it will start manufacturing another one immediately after finishing the current mission. The next carrier should go to space next summer. 


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