Czech Technical University’s robotics team awarded by DARPA subsidy

Published: 18.12.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

The robotics team will received $ 1.5 million for further development of rescue mission robots

The robotics team from the Czech Technical University’s (CTU) Faculty of Electrical Engineering received a $ 1.5 million subsidy, roughly CZK 32 million, from the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA and they will participate in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, which simulates a rescue mission after a natural or industrial disaster. DARPA maps the range of artificial intelligence capabilities through a competition of top technological institutions. The robots of the contestants move in previously unknown terrain and underground, where they cannot use, for example, a GPS signal. For part of the competition, they also get out of the reach of the operator, when they have to make their own decisions. The CTU team has so far used small six-legged robots, drones, wheeled and crawler robots in the competition. CTU has successfully deployed its reconnaissance robots during natural disasters around the world. For example, they searched the wreckage after the earthquake in central Italy in 2016.


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