Delivery services market in Prague is booming

Published: 11.12.2021 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

While Prague is still leading in the delivery services market, regions are gaining more importance.

Delivery services, such as Wolt, Bolt Food, Dáme jídlo or the new Levitoo, are conquering the Prague market. They not only bring their customers food from restaurants and groceries from hypermarkets, but some of them have set up their own "markets" from which they can deliver goods within twenty minutes. The range of products is wide and, in addition to food or drugstore items, some services' couriers can deliver flowers, electronics or other products within minutes.

In regions outside Prague, interest in such services is growing as well. Although Prague has long accounted for the vast majority of orders, the regions are gaining in importance. There is a significant change in consumer behaviour here, thanks to the fact that, for example, the population of Central Bohemia is increasingly moving from Prague with metropolitan habits. 

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