Measures in the Czech Republic related to COVID-19 (as of 22 May)

Published: 22.05.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

Updated information about measures of Czech government related to COVID-19, including support measures for entrepreneurs and companies.

There will be a major relaxation of restrictive measures related to COVID-19 crisis coming on 25 May.

General measures

On 18 May, the state of emergency ended. However, people are still obliged to wear face masks and avoid unnecessary stays outside their homes. 

As of 25 May, visits to hospitals and nursing homes will be allowed. A maximum of 2 persons can visit and they have to wear face masks and use disinfection. 

Outdoor and indoor events of up to 300 persons will be allowed as well. If the epidemiological situation remains good, the number of persons will rise to 500 as of 8 June and to 1 000 as of 22 June. Still, people must keep the distance of at least two meters from each other and a container with disinfectant needs to be available.

Indoor parts of restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and food courts in shopping malls will be allowed to welcome first customers after a long time. However, they can only be open until 11 pm. However, between 11 pm and 6 am, a dispensing window can continue to operate. All guests eating indoors will have to wear face masks when walking in the premises and will only be able to put them down while sitting at a table. 

Several other service providers will be allowed to open, for example, hotels, castles, swimming pools, zoos etc. 

Economic measures

On 15 May, the European Commission has approved a Czech guarantee program for loans to support the liquidity of companies with up to 500 employees, which were negatively affected by the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus. The total budget of the program is EUR 18.5 billion, i.e. approximately CZK 500 billion, and the funds will be managed by Českomoravská záruční a rozvojová banka, a.s. (ČMZRB). The Commission assessed that the scheme complied with the temporary State aid rules. The so-called COVID-III programme aims to support around 150 000 self-employed and businesses. 

The Government approved further support to help entrepreneurs who have been banned from selling goods and services in their establishments by extraordinary measures, which has reduced their ability to pay rent. The programme will be based on a participation scheme: the landlord discounts 30% of the rent, the tenant pays 20% and the state contributes 50%. The measure still needs to be approved by the European Commission. 

Another programme aimed at self-employed started to operate on 11 May. The support from this programme is intended for people who, after the closure of schools or social services facilities due to coronavirus, are unable to pursue their main activity in the context of caring for a child or a disabled person.

Health situation

As of 22 May, there were 8 770 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 312 deaths and 6 019 cured patients. The number of tested persons reached 387 127.