Measures in the Czech Republic related to COVID-19 (as of 24 April)

Published: 24.04.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

Updated information about measures of Czech government related to COVID-19, including support measures for entrepreneurs and companies.

As the epidemiologic situation improved, the Government of the Czech Republic announced on Thursday 23 April that it will speed up the plan of relaxing the restrictive measures. 

General measures

As of 24 April, the restrictions of free movement of persons change as well as rules on staying in public. It will be possible for groups of 10 or less people to meet in public, and people must keep the distance of at least two meters from each other. 

The Government also changed the rules for crossing state borders. As of 27 April, EU citizens who come to perform economic activities or as university students from EU countries will be allowed to enter the country. Both for Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent residence, it will be possible either to present a confirmation of a negative test for COVID-19 when they return to the Czech Republic, or go to quarantine for 14 days. 

Economic measures

The Government also decided to speed up the scenario of opening up of shops and establishments. As of 27 April, in addition to the already announced opening of smaller shops and establishments, larger ones of up to 2 5000 m2 of sales area will also be able to open. As of the same date, gyms and fitness centres can also open (but without the possibility of using the lockers rooms and showers), as well as driving schools or zoological and botanical gardens, with the exception of closed pavilions.

However, the relaxation of measures does not apply to establishments in large shopping centres over 5 000 m2 that do not have their own entrance from the outside, catering facilities, with the exception of sales through a dispensing window, and also establishments in which the service provider comes into contact with the customer's body surface. All operators will have to meet strict hygiene conditions and requirements, such as maintaining a distance of at least two meters between customers or providing disinfection. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, further waves of relaxing the restrictive measures could also be accelerated. 

Health situation

As of 24 April, there were 7 188 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 213 deaths and 2 186 cured patients. The number of tested persons reached 203 622.


Source: Government of the Czech Republic,

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