Measures in the Czech Republic related to COVID-19 (as of 6 May)

Published: 06.05.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

Updated information about measures of Czech government related to COVID-19, including support measures for entrepreneurs and companies.

Since the last update from 24 April, the Government announced updates to further relax the restrictive measures. Currently, the state of emergency is applicable until 17 May. 

General measures

As of 27 April, the restrictions for entering and leaving the country relaxed. Czech citizens with a negative COVID-19 test not older than 4 days don’t have to go to quarantine for 14 days. Also, people going abroad to perform economic activities can leave the country if they return within 72 hours don’t have to go to quarantine, as well as for example employees working in international transport, given that they won’t leave the country for more than 14 days. Special measures for workers crossing borders every day are in place as well.

As of 11 May, it will be possible to organise theatrical, musical, cinematographic and other artistic performances, sporting, cultural, religious, federal, dance, traditional and similar events and other gatherings, exhibitions, festivities, pilgrimages, shows, tastings, markets and fairs, educational events, celebrations, both public and private, with a participation not exceeding 100 people at the same time. Furthermore, as of 11 May, it will be allowed to do sport activities in sport parks, outdoors in the nature and other publicly accessible places with a condition that there will be a maximum of 100 people exercising at the same time. During both outdoor and indoor events, people must keep the distance of at least two meters from each other and a container with disinfectant needs to be available. 

Economic measures

On 27 April, the Government decided that the Antivirus programme that is focused on the protection of employees and compensates for the financial resources paid by companies will be extended until the end of May. The period covered by the programme was extended by 1 month. 

As of 27 April, fast food establishments with a dispensing window or the sale of food to go without the need of entering the establishment is permitted. Also, consuming food, including beverages, in public at the point of sale in the case of food intended for immediate consumption, is possible. Customers need to move away from the store, dispensing window, etc. at least 10 meters after finishing the purchase. 

On 4 May, the Government decided that it will grant financial support to small limited liability companies. The aid should amount to CZK 500 per day, paid retrospectively from March 12 to June 8, which means that the state could pay up to CZK 44 500 to this type of companies. 

On 5 May, The European Commission approved a Czech guarantee scheme of CZK 142 billion for large exporting companies whose activities have been negatively affected by the current crisis. Support will be provided through loan guarantees and will be aimed at large companies whose export activities account for at least 20% of their annual sales revenue. The aim of the regime is to support export-oriented large companies affected by the crisis so that they can continue their activities. Guarantees will be provided through the Export Guarantee and Insurance Company (EGAP).

Health situation

As of 6 May, there were 7 933 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 262 deaths and 4 202 cured patients. The number of tested persons reached 278 519.


Source: Government of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic,

Prepared by the team of foreign office CzechTrade Brussels