Measures in the Czech Republic related to COVID-19 (as of 8 April)

Published: 08.04.2020 Related countries:  Belgium Belgium

Updated information about measures of Czech government related to COVID-19, including support measures for entrepreneurs and companies.

Since last week, there have been several new measures put in place related to the spread of coronavirus. In addition to that, the Government decided to alleviate some of the restrictions. 

General measures

• As of 6 April, it is possible to use outdoor sport facilities, parks and public spaces for individual physical activities during which people are not obliged to wear face masks. Still, there is a limit of maximum 2 persons that can perform the activity together and the distance of at least 2 metres in between them needs to be kept. 

• Some more shops can be open, namely raw material collection points and as of 9 April, hobby markets, construction material shops, hardware stores, bike shops and bike services. Strict hygiene measures need to be respected in these shops, as they need to provide hand disinfection and customers need to keep distance in between them of at least 2 metres. 

• The Government asked the Parliament to extend the current state of emergency until 11 May. However, the Parliament decided to cut the period and agreed on extending the state of emergency until the end of April. 

• As of 14 April, the travel ban outside of the Republic will be alleviated, allowing cross-border workers to cross the borders. Furthermore, persons that prove that they have to travel abroad due to professional or serious personal reasons will be able to cross the borders as well. However, as they return, they have to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. 


Economic measures

• As of 6 April, companies can apply for support from the Antivirus programme that is focused on the protection of employees and compensates for the financial resources paid by companies.

• On 7 April, the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament agreed to support self-employed persons with a one-off payment of 25 0000 CZK (approximately 920 EUR) as a compensation of losses related to measures against coronavirus. The measure still needs to be approved by the Senate. The support covers the period between 12 March and 30 April and a scanned version of the request form sent by e-mail will be sufficient to apply for it. 

• Individual persons and companies will be able to cease to pay the instalments of loans and mortgages for 3 to 6 months. It will be up to each applicant to choose for how long they won’t pay the instalments. The measure covers all loans and mortgages that were signed and used before 26 March. The measure needs to be approved by the Senate yet.

• The Government proposed measures to support travel agencies. It suggests that in case of travels cancelled due to the restrictive measures, the client will receive a voucher of a value equal to the price of the travel he/she payed for that was cancelled. If the client won’t use the voucher in the next 12 months, the travel agency will have to refund the full amount of the cancelled travel. 


Health situation

As of 8 April, there were 5 221 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 99 deaths and 233 cured patients. The number of tested persons reached 98 681.


Source: Government of the Czech Republic,, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

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