Czech breweries’ production up 4.7% to 21.3 million hl

Published: 14.05.2019 Related countries:  Canada Canada, Czech Republic Czech Republic

Soaring exports of Czech beer in 2018 required a significant growth of its production

Czech breweries’ total production in 2018 grew by 4.7% to 21.3 million hl. The result was driven primarily by soaring exports, which gained 11.8%. The Czech Beer and Malt Association’s executive director, Martina Ferencová, has commented that beer exports totalled 5.2 million hl, exceeding the 5 million hl threshold for the first time ever. Beer exports increased by 43% since 2010. Domestic consumption grew by 2.9% to 16.5 million hl.

Canada’s production of beer is 22.4 million hl.

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