Czech economy is estimated to grow following year, according Czech National Bank

Published: 29.01.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Governor of Czech National Bank expect another year of economic growth, that can help to boost salaries in the country.


Soon we will have a new forecast for 2019, but the estimated growth should be around 3.3%, that means a little slower than last year. "We expect the pace to be solid, but it will very likely slow down, "said Czech Governor Jiří Rusnok during an interview for Czech Radio. If the rate of growth of the economy reaches 2.5%, which is estimated to be in 2020, such growth is very healthy and, in fact, desirable despite the mild cooling of the economy.

 The Governor also commented on foreign exchange interventions, which eventually pumped into the Czech economy more than two trillion crowns: "The ČNB has the task of keeping price growth close to 2% and helping the economy grow. We were hit hard by the crisis by 2013, and thanks to interventions, we got over so quickly, and very strong growth started after. As a result, salaries are growing unprecedentedly here, even the real ones. You will not see it anywhere else. "

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