Czech wood goes to China

Published: 01.08.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic, China China

From January to May more than 350 thousand tons of Czech unprocessed timber were exported to China, which is three times more than last year and equals to nearly 1.1 billion CZK.

According to Czech statistical office, China is the third largest export destination of Czech timber, only slightly falling behind Germany. For Canada, China is the second most important partner for their lumber exports.

In Europe there is surplus of wood, therefore China with their immense capacity is an interesting trading partner. Foresters highlight that Chinese clients do not put any special quality requirements and pay about 15 % more than German and Austrian partners. The only requirement is that lumber must fit into 12-metres-long containers.

China uses Czech timber as a substitute for American wood, supply of which reduced about 40 % from last year due to trade war.

Source: E15

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