Deposit Interest Rate Grows But Slowly

Published: 12.02.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Czech National Bank increased the interest rates and other banks follow.

Some banks, in response to the interest rate growth of the Czech National Bank (CNB), have begun to increase the interest rates on savings accounts too. Nevertheless, with a high deposit appreciation, people can’t count, in fact by all banks they will get the rates still lower than the current inflation rate.
"Due to the continuous rise in market rates, we can expect further interest rate increases in our savings accounts in the near future," said David Middleton of Sberbank. "We want to keep the products among the top three in the market. We plan to increase rates for the savings account, "confirmed Věra Pavlišová of Creditas. "An attractive valuation of our clients' resources will continue to be a priority for us. If the forecasts for the growth of market rates are fulfilled, we will also improve the interest rates on the savings account and term deposits, "said Pavel Hejzlar of Wüstenrot.

Savings accounts are very popular in the Czech Republic, despite the fact that the money deposited on them is no significant profit. Inflation is around two percent and currently the best interest rate of 1.5 percent per annum, but only if a balance is up to 300 000 CZK, offers Hello bank !. Interesting interest, but only for six months, is offered by Raiffeisenbank, the bank will rate them up to 150 thousand crowns at an annual rate of three percent. However, this offer concerns only new clients who didnt use it before. With a similar offer comes other banks too. In order to reach the most advantageous rate, you must practically fulfill all conditions set by all banks. These include, for example, the prescribed number in the month of payments made by card (Air Bank requires five, Equa Bank three and Komerční banka also five, but in a total amount of at least five thousand crowns).