Electric bicycles are conquering Europe

Published: 03.06.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic, Germany Germany, Netherlands Netherlands

Popularity of electric bicycles is soaring in Europe

2018 in Europe belonged to electric bicycles. The Eurozone experienced a rapid growth of electric bicycle sales thanks to progressive development of electromobility, unusually good weather and promising economic situation. The most recent statistical data, published on web pages of Dutch and German cycling association, bring the proof.

In the Netherlands, the traditional cycling hotspot, the share of electric bicycle sales on total cyclo-market sales grew from 10% to 40%. In absolute terms, more than a million electric bicycles were sold in 2018.

While in 2017 the electric bicycle sales amounted to 976 million EUR, last year, the number was 1220 million EUR. This is equivalent to two thirds of the total bicycle sale turnover on the Dutch market. According to available statistics, the price of electric bicycles has increased too. In 2011, the average price for an electric bicycle in the Netherlands was around 730 EUR, whereas the current average price is around 1200 EUR. This is caused primarily by a dynamic development of the electric bicycle technology.

The trends on German market are very similar. Last year alone accounted for a sale of 980 000 electric bicycles, thus reaching 36% interannual growth compared to 2017. This, even more rapid expansion of electric bikes in Germany compared to the Netherlands, is caused by a latter adoption of the electric trend. The electric bicycles’ share on the bicycle market in Germany is currently 23,5.

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