GOOD MASK raises FFP2 respirator production to 1m per day

Published: 26.01.2021 Related countries:  Canada Canada

Czech manufacturer of FFP2 respirators GOOD MASK is going to scale up the production to 1 million respirators per day to answer the heightened demand for better quality protection against more aggressive variants of the covid-19 virus.

The Czech producer of FFP2 respirators, GOOD MASK, has announced an increase in production capacity. The company plans to boost the production from current total of ca. 250,000 FFP2 respirators to up to 1 million per day from February 2021. To increase capacity, it will also use fully automated lines from the Taiwanese company Autoland, which will be provided by the European Center for the Development and Production of Respirators (ECVVR). The centra obtained four lines thanks to last year's trip of Czech Senate’s President Miloš Vystrčil to Taiwan. GOOD MASK will also soon begin production of the FFP2 class nanorespirator with a nanomembrane developed by InoCure. All FFP2 respirators are manufactured by GOOD MASK in the Czech Republic and exclusively from Czech materials.

Source: ČIA, CzechTrade team Calgary