Smartwings is putting Boeing 737 MAX back into operation

Published: 02.03.2021 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Czech low-cost airline Smartwings is reintroducing Boeing 737 MAX airplanes in hope to save the industry struggling under COVID-19.

The low-cost brand of the Czech charter airline Travel Service is reopening commercial flights serviced by Boeing 737 MAX 8, the first flight is heading to Málaga in Spain. The airline is expecting to reintroduce the remaining six aircrafts before this summer. Boeing 737 MAX airplanes were suspended from service for almost two years due to technical issues in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The European Aviation Safety Agency has allowed the use of these aircrafts in late January. The re-introduction of the aircrafts necessitates training refreshers for the pilots, as well as, various software and hardware updates. Each airplane will have to pass a safety check up before take-off. The popular Central European airline has declared a loss of 1.5 billion CZK due to the suspension of Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts and has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Source: Czech Press Agency, CzechTrade team Calgary