Unemployment in the Czech Republic grows to 4% in December

Published: 11.01.2021 Related countries:  Canada Canada, Czech Republic Czech Republic

Unemplyment on the rise in the Czech Republic in December 2020 after reaching the lowest uneployment in the EU two months earlier

As of December 31, 2020, the Labour Office of the Czech Republic (ÚP) registered a total of 291,977 applicants. This was 17,451 more compared with November and 76,445 more than in December 2019. A total of 273,758 applicants were available. The share of unemployed persons increased to 4% (November 2020: 3.8%, December 2019: 2.9%). The number of vacancies increased to 318,582. According to data provided by Eurostat, the Czech Republic showed the lowest unemployment rate in the EU in October 2020.

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