30.11.2023 Over Half of Czech Households Await Discount Events for Grocery Shopping A recent survey reveals that more than half of Czech households wait for discount events to do their grocery shopping. Around a quarter of them buy only essential foods. The study took place in October and involved more than a thousand respondents. China China
26.10.2023 Czech Banks Introduce Mobile Payments The first banks in the Czech Republic are set to launch a new feature called “payments on contact” by mid-November. This means that when someone wants to send money to another person without knowing their bank account number, they can use the recipient’s mobile phone number instead. Transactions of ... China China
24.10.2023 The Czech Republic to Borrow Record 24 Billion for Railway Modernization The Czech Republic is set to take its highest-ever loan from the European Investment Bank. With a 24 billion Czech koruna loan, the country plans to modernize its railways by 2027. China China
29.09.2023 People in the Home Office Can Receive an Additional 700 Czech Koruna per Month The Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has proposed a new regulation allowing employees working from home to receive an additional 4.60 koruna per hour in compensation for expenses. This would amount to approximately 690 koruny per month, based on an average of 150 hours worked. China China
27.09.2023 Foreign workers triple over 15 years The number of foreign workers in the Czech Republic has more than tripled in the last 15 years. China China
04.09.2023 CR loses in wealth, lacks vision In the Czech Republic, only 1% of the Czech population, roughly 100,000 people, have financial assets exceeding CZK 5m. China China
24.08.2023 Almost 200,000 m2 of offices planned in Prague Demand for premium office space in Prague increased by 13% in H1, 2023. China China
23.08.2023 MŽP preps wind energy acceleration zones The Ministry of the Environment is preparing steps to unblock the development of wind power plants. China China
21.08.2023 New apartment prices in CR up to EUR 3,753/m2 The average transaction price of new flats in the Czech Republic in 2022 increased by more than 12% y/y to EUR 3,753 per m2. China China
18.08.2023 Market of industrial real estate grows by 11% The Czech industrial real estate market grew by 269,100 m2 in 1H 2023 and reached almost 11.3 million m2. China China