25.03.2024 Czech National Bank Cuts Interest Rates, Easing Mortgages and Loans The Czech National Bank (CNB) has announced a significant move in its monetary policy by slashing its base interest rate by a half percentage point. The rate now stands at 5.75 percent, a level last seen in May 2022. This decision directly impacts the cost of loans, including mortgages, as they are ... China China
22.03.2024 New Employees Earn Up to 15% More Than Existing Ones in The Czech Republic The job market in the Czech Republic is experiencing a slight cooling, but companies are still looking to hire, especially for the first half of the year. Those planning to switch jobs will find it relatively easy to do so. Moreover, most firms offer newcomers an average of 15% higher wages than the... China China
18.03.2024 Industrial Stagnation: The Unexpected Slowdown of Czech Manufacturing The industrial sector in the Czech Republic experienced an unexpected stagnation in the first month of the year, with production levels remaining at the same level as in January 2023. According to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), the monthly production in the industry was even lower by 2.3 percen... China China
13.03.2024 Czech Retail Sector Sees a Rise: Online Sales Lead the Charge The Czech retail sector has seen a significant upswing, marking the end of a year-and-a-half slump. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, January saw a year-on-year increase in sales of 2.4 percent. The surge in retail sales was primarily driven by the online sector, which also record... China China
24.01.2024 Draught Beer Prices Soar in the Czech Republic The price of draught beer in Czech pubs, restaurants, and bars has significantly increased, with an average rise of ten percent year-on-year in mid-January. The price hike between December and January alone saw an average four percent increase, equating to more than two crowns. China China
03.01.2024 Czech Economy’s Return to Pre-Covid Levels Forecasted for 2025 The Czech Republic is the only European Union country with economic performance below 2019 levels. According to most economists, the nation is expected to return to pre-Covid levels of financial performance by 2025, with only minor economic growth predicted for the following year. China China
30.11.2023 Over Half of Czech Households Await Discount Events for Grocery Shopping A recent survey reveals that more than half of Czech households wait for discount events to do their grocery shopping. Around a quarter of them buy only essential foods. The study took place in October and involved more than a thousand respondents. China China