Foreign trade surplus up to CZK 18.4bn

Published: 13.08.2019 Related countries:  China China

While the Foreign surplus increased to CZK 18.4Bn, Czech Republic strugles to balance deficit with non - EU countries, particulary PRC.

Foreign trade with goods at current prices ended in a surplus of CZK 18.4bn in June 2019, according to preliminary data. It was by CZK 5.0bn higher yearon-year. The balance with EU28 countries ended in a surplus of CZK 62.2bn (CZK +6.2bn). Trade deficit with non-EU countries increased by CZK 0.7bn to CZK 42.1bn. In month-on-month comparison, seasonally adjusted exports decreased by 4.1% and imports by 1.9%. In a year-on-year comparison, exports fell by 4.2% to CZK 304.9bn and imports by 6.1% to CZK 286.5bn. Since the beginning of the year, the trade surplus reached CZK 114.7bn (CZK +23.6bn). Exports grew by 3.9% and imports by 2.8%. The information was provided by the Czech Statistical Office.