Shanghai's entrepreneur visa

Published: 30.05.2019 Related countries:  China China

Shanghai has in recent years unveiled several measures to facilitate foreigners obtain entrepreneur visas and set up startups to encourage them to launch their business plans in the city.

Since mid-2015, foreigners graduating from Chinese universities and staying in Shanghai for their business plans are allowed to apply for an entrepreneur visa, which lets them stay in the country and start their business within a year.



These measures are part of Shanghai's ambitious goal of becoming a global hub for science and technology by 2030.


As visa types continue to play a role in facilitating expats to carry out their venture plans in Shanghai, the city trying to formed an environment to attract global talent to display their innovative capabilities.


Some foreign entrepreneurs said incubators in the city played a helpful role in pushing forward their business plan from zero to one.


This afford to attract high skill foreign professionals and entrepreneurs goes along with tightening and enforcing of visa rules on many other foreign workers in Shanghai.


Latest official statistics showed that more than 210,000 expats hailing from 167 countries and regions are working in Shanghai, the largest number among Chinese cities and accounting for nearly 25 percent of the national total.

via: ChinaDaily