Activities of CzechInvest

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The Investments in the Czech Republic

 The number of investments contracted by CzechInvest decreased

Foreign and Czech companies are planning to invest approximately CZK 36.7 billion in the Czech Republic. Last year, the CzechInvest state agency negotiated 82 new investment plans and every fifth focuses on technology or research and development. Year-on-year, the amount of investment is decreased by 26 billion CZK. For the first time in five years, the number of projects has fallen below 100 due to weaker complex situations on the Czech labor market. The largest investments have been addressed in the plastics, metal and metal industries and in the manufacture of motor vehicles; mostly in the Moravian-Silesian, South Moravian and Ústí regions. The biggest agreed investment plan of last year was to expand the production of car lights by Varroc Lighting Systems in Bohumín and Nový Jičín for 2.5 billion. CZK. From high-tech investments, for example, the expansion and diversification of electronics production into ZF Electronics Klášterec electric motors in Kadaň for 2 billion. CZK. The huge investment was project in JOB AIR Technik in Kopřivnice for CZK 205 million. Most of projects have been negotiated with domestic companies, up to 47 projects worth 23.1 billion. CZK.

Source: CTK