Czech is NANO

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Czech and nanotechnology production

 The Czech Republic is a world leader in the branch

The Czech Republic is a world leader in the research, development and industrial production of nanofibres. The country is one of the cradles of modern nanotechnology. Dynamic growth of the industry, coupled with excellent research and business results, is linked to the revolutionary nanobibre production machine patentfibre.

Since this time in the field of nanotechnology, the Czech Republic has been constantly innovating and creating new generations of nanobibrous structures. The latest machines bring up to eight times the efficiency of industrial production of nanofibres per unit area compared to original industrial plants. Along with this, there also has been expansion of the reange of polymers nad underlying carrier on which nanofibres can be applied. The number of subjects engaged in research, nanotechnology development and production of specific nanosciences in the Czech Republic has tripled over the last 7 years.

Source: CzechTrade Cairo