Czech Republic among the most innovative country

Published: 27.01.2019 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Innovative process in the Czech Republic

 South Korea was the most innovative country in the world, the Czech Republic improved by three divisions      and is 25.

South Korea has defended the leadership of the world's most innovative economy according to Bloomberg's Innovation Index. This index analyzes innovation based on seven areas, such as R & D spending, manufacturing capabilities, or the concentration of high-tech companies. Bloomberg has used data from more than 200 economies to build up the ranking, but only 95 countries with data for at least six indicators have been included in the final list. South Korea ranks first out of six of the seven measurements. Thanks to the high added value of production and research intensity, mainly due to industrial giants such as Volkswagen, Bosch or Daimler, the second Germany has made a strong hit on the world leader. However, Germany's position may weaken the shortage of qualified labor and changes in immigration policy. Four of the rallies have improved third in Finland, and the rise in patents has pushed Israel five positions in 5th place in front of Singapore, Sweden and Japan. The US returned to the 8th place after a year. China is ranked 2nd in terms of patents for technology companies, but lags behind in other areas of innovation and overall productivity, and therefore it is up to the 16th. Tunisia and Ukraine recorded the biggest slump in the ranking, dropping from the top 50.
The Czech Republic moved three positions to 25th place. Of the Visegrad Group countries, it is better than Poland, with Hungary 32nd and Slovakia up to 39th. The biggest advantage of the Czech Republic is the added value from production, where it is in the 6th place, but in the remaining six indices the Czech Republic top 20. The intensity of research and development is 21., in the concentration of researchers and patent activity 22. Clearly the worst row (47th) reached in the density of high-tech enterprises.

Source: Bloomberg, Ministry of Industry and Trade