Export prices increased

Published: 18.09.2018 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Export and import prices higher

 Export prices up 1.8%, import prices 2.5% higher

Export prices grew 0.4% month on month and import prices were 0.6% higher in July 2018. Terms of trade totalled 99.8%. In year-on-year terms, export prices were 1.8% higher and import prices increased 2.5%. Terms of trade totalled 99.3%. These figures were provided by the Czech Statistical Office. The segment of semi-finished products had a significant effect on the year-on-year development of export prices (+4.3%). Prices of mineral fuels were 19.1% higher (mainly crude-oil based products). With regard to import prices, the segment of mineral fuels (+33%) had the biggest influence. Prices of chemicals increased 3.1% and semi-finished products cost 2.6% more.

Source: CIA News