Prague region is doing well

Published: 03.03.2019 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Prague is a rich region

 Prague is still the seventh richest region in the EU

According to Eurostat, Prague was the seventh richest EU region in 2017, based on gross domestic product (GDP), per capita. She defended her position in 2016, when Bratislava was just ahead of her. It is best to keep rising London, whose GDP was 626% of the EU average last year. The most deprived areas are mainly Bulgarian regions. Every citizen of Prague has 187% of GDP compared to the EU average, which is a 5 pb increase compared to 2016. In addition to London, Luxembourg (253%), the southern region of Ireland (220%), Hamburg (202%), Brussels (196%) and Eastern Ireland (189%) are located outside London. Other Czech regions, however, are the European average lagging behind. The region of Central Bohemia (84%) was the best, the worst was the Northwest region of Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem (63%). Data on the economy of the regions is one of the criteria for deciding on the level of contributions for EU member states for the next multiannual period beginning in 2021.

Source: E15