The weakening of the Crown

Published: 14.05.2020 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Import prices fell by 0,3%

  Export prices increased by 1.1 %, import prices fell by 0.3 %

In March 2020 export prices increased by 1.1 % y/y/ Prices of imports to the Czech Republic fell by 0.3 %. This was reported by the Czech Statistical Office. Exchange relations increased to 101.4 % and after three months they reached positive values. In the case of exports the increase in the prices of machines and transport vehicles by 2.5 % played a major role. In terms of imports the 25.5% reduction in prices of mineral fuels (especially oil) was significant. In a m/m comparison export prices increased by 4.1 %, especially as a result of the weakening of the crown on the euro and dollar. Import prices increased by 2.9 % and exchange relations reached a value of 101.2 %. 

Source: CIA News