Tourist industry is growing in Prague

Published: 27.02.2019 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Tourists like Prague

 Prague visited nearly 8 million tourists

Tourism in Prague is again breaking records. In Prague hotels, almost 8 million tourists were accommodated according to the current CSO data. Against 2017, the number of visitors to the metropolis increased by 242,000. persons. Guests from abroad and at home spent 18,256,481 nights in Prague. Most foreign visitors came from Germany, 912,000. persons. The Americans, the British, the Russians and the Italians ranked elsewhere. The longest capital was the Russians, on average for almost four days. But the success of the party is also the opposite. In the course of thirty years, the number of inhabitants of Prague 1, where most tourists are concentrated, declined by almost a third. Mass tourism and its associated depopulation of historical centers is not limited to Prague. For example, Venice in Italy is dealing with turnstiles in the most frequented places, and from 2022, entry into the city will only be possible with reservations. Prague does not like sharp regulation, as a possible solution is to spread tourism around the city.