UN predicting the global economical fall

Published: 14.04.2020 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

The UN visions for this year

The United Nations expecting the global fall 

The economy is facing a significant decline the UN said the global economy could this year due to new coronavirus fall almost one percent. It waited before the pandemic, on the other hand, grew 2.5 percent. In a global era financial crisis, in 2009, the world economy fell by 1.7 percent. Germany is also expecting a deep recession this year. According to analysts' expectations, the economy is better off case will fall by about 2.8% and next year would could grow again by 3.7%. But if the outage will last longer, GDP could fall to as much as 5.4%. All the more so would the economy grew next year by 4.9%. The World Bank expects a sharp slowdown economic growth in emerging countries Southeast Asia, Pacific and China, which is likely to show the slowest growth of 2.3%, over the past 40 years.

In the worst case Gross Domestic Product as forecast by the World Bank increase by 0.1%. Last year it grew by 6.1%. The World Bank subsequently announced that in the next 15 months is ready to spend up to $ 160 billion to help states address the health consequences of dissemination coronavirus and promote economic recovery.

Source: CTK, UN, World Bank