Water treatment in Czech Republic

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Tradition of water treatment in Czech Republic


  Unique knowledge of technologies thanks to a water management tradition

The field of water treatment has historically ranked among the most important industrial branches in the Czech Republic with a long and rich tradition. This is also attributed to the fact that only a few countries can boast such diverse and extensive sources of natural mineral and spring waters as the Czech Republic.
The water management tradition in the Czech Republic got under way in the 14th century, when the level of water management was even above the European standard. The famous pond systems based on sophisticated water management plans built in the 14th century under the reign of Emperor and
King Charles IV are comparable to the canals of the French Sun King Louis XIV. They were, however, built two hundred years later. Since the 20th century, the Czech Republic has also excelled in technology, becoming a leader in hydroelectric power plants already at this time. Thanks to this, the Czech Republic currently ranks among countries that are above the average in the area of water collection and transport, wastewater purification and treatment. There are about 330 companies in the Czech Republic. Therefore, the Czech Republic has a high proportion of households connected to drinking water (94.7 %) and sewerage (85.5 %), and it also expands abroad with its
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