ČD - Informační Systémy to deliver booking system for ÖBB

Published: 06.03.2019 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Sister company of Czech Railways will supply ticket booking system for Austrian Railways OBB.

The company ČD - Informační Systémy has won a public tender for the supply of the booking system for the passenger check-in for AustrianRailways ÖBB. The systems serves for booking of seats, beds or cars in trains run not only by ÖBB, but also all other carriers related with ÖBB. The project is planned for roughly 18 months. It is the first ČD - Informační Systémy’s contract won from a customer outside the Czech Republic. It will cooperate with othe Czech company CHAPS in the project. Both companies will get millions of CZK thanks to the project. 


Other sister company of Czech Railways, ČD Cargo, begins operations in Austria.

The first train whose journey was organized by the ČD Cargo Niederlassung Wien branch left Summerau for Villach on January 20, 2019. Now, the company provides transportation in Austria every day. Moreover, in the nearest future, it expects to increase the transportation frequency.


Source: www.cianews.cz