Czech RESPILON develops "revolutionary" facemask against coronavirus

Published: 04.02.2020 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Czech nanofiber technology is capable of isolating and killing viruses, such as coronavirus

Czech nanofiber technology firm Respilon Group says it has developed revolutionary masks capable of isolating and killing viruses, such as the one currently affecting China and the world. The product ReSpimask® provides effective protection of human respiratory tract against air pollution, viruses and bacteria, as it captures 99,9% of airbone particles. ReSpimask® is the only face mask in the world to use the latest nanofiber technology with a three-layer membrane.

According to norms and standards, a facemask is defined as a product that protects the surroundings from the wearer. That means that it captures the germs which are exiting the wearer so that they do not spread in a room or the surrounding space in general. This is for example why a doctor wears a facemask – he is protecting his patient against his potential germs. This is why facemask construction is not a perfect fit for the face and its filter is very weak, it just protects from droplets going out of the wearer’s mouth.

Respirators and masks, which are described as a labour protective product, are suited for capturing solid particles from the air. They have nothing in common with filtrating pathogens.

The presence of nanofibers makes the face mask capable of protecting the wearer from his surroundings and vice versa. Naturally however, the facemask also needs to have a slightly different shape in order to be effective. When this is done, respirators, in combination with the nanofibers have the ability to also stop viruses in a very efficient way. Products of Respilon protect not just the surroundings from the wearer, but also the wearer from the outside infection threats. So it has both functions.

Making new respirator which kills viruses
The new mask from Respilon will not only trap the virus but also destroy it. For this feature the company is recently working on the project with Israeli partner, who has the patent to make the copper dioxide nanoparticles that are present in the fibres. It is from these particles that the company Respilon is making the non-woven material. A new repirator mask will be based on combining the textile together with the copper dioxide particles and with nanofibers. The copper dioxide layer in the mask should kill the virus immediately when the two come into contact - this is the first barrier of the mask.


Prepared by the team of CzechTrade Jakarta, Indonesia