Czech ENERGO-PRO Group launches 2 big hydro-power plants in Turkey

Published: 05.11.2020 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

ENERGO-PRO will start operating two hydropower plants with total outputs 99.5 MW and 280 MW

Czech based energy group of companies ENERGO - PRO Group has successfully started the operation of the hydro-power plants in Turkey. ENERGO - PRO has obtained permission to start operating two new hydropower plants, Karakurt and Alpaslan 2. The company connected both power plants to the grid and started their commercial operation. Energo-Pro reported that the investment in dam power plants exceeds USD 800 million.

Karakurt hydro-power plant will have three turbines installed with a total output of 99.5 MW. The first is already installed, the other two will be launched in November and December 2020. Alpaslan 2 hydro-power plant will have four turbines installed with a total output of 280 MW. The first turbine is installed, the remaining three will be launched in December 2020 and February 2021.

Connection of the power plants to the grid this year was a condition for obtaining a discounted guaranteed purchase price of electricity from January 2021. The warranty consists of two parts; in the first 10 years of the power plant’s operation it will be $73 per MWh. This tariff will be increased in the first five years, as the Turkish government has set clear conditions for turbines or generators built in Turkey. As a result, Energo-Pro will sell electricity at $86 per MWh at Alpaslan 2 and $96 per MWh at Karakurt.

After connecting the two new Turkish power plants, Energo-Pro will be operating a total of 38 hydropower plants in four countries.

The ENERGO-PRO Group previously established a turbine and generator production company Litostroj Türkiye with a production facility in Temelli, Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. Through Litostroj Türkiye the turbine and generator production experience and know-how of ENERGO-PRO Group/Litostroj Power are transferred from Central Europe to Turkey. The Litostroj Türkiye manufacturing plant has 3 shops for turbine production and 2 shops for generator production on a total of 18,000m2. For the first time, the company will perform domestic production of hydropower equipment in Turkey. Turbines and generators for the Karakurt Dam & HPP (99 MW) located in Sarıkamış, Kars, was  manufactured in Litostroj’s Ankara production factory. The factory in Ankara is providing hydropower investors in Turkey and surrounding countries with hydropower equipment of European quality.

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