Czech Republic is Europe’s biggest toy exporter

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Czech Republic accounted more than 30 pct of the EU’s overall toy exports outside the EU

Exporting over 2 billion EUR worth a year, the Czech Republic is the EU’s largest toy exporter, according to a new study by UniCredit bank. That makes Czech Republic a Europe’s leading toy distributor, despite the smaller size of the country compared to some of its neighbors. Major contribution to the exported volume is due to LEGO Group which accounts for two-thirds of total "Czech made" production. LEGO factory is located in Kladno city, employing more than 2,000 people.

“The Czech Republic took over this lead position in the European market in terms of exports of toys from Germany in 2012, mainly because of a shift of production of Lego toys from Western countries, mainly from the home country of Lego Denmark,” says UniCredit Bank analyst  Lubomír Koršňák.

Even without LEGO, the Czechs would still be the second-biggest toy exporters in the EU, points out Radio Praha.

Czech Republic is a European toy supermarket, Czech manufacturers export model sets, dolls, and miniatures.
While the Czech Republic produces the most toys in Europe, however, Czechs don’t spend nearly as much on toys as their neighbors; the average Czech household spends 11% less on toys than the EU average.

Though major international toy brands like LEGO, Playmobil, and Ravensburger have production facilities in the Czech Republic, toy parts are typically manufactured elsewhere before being assembled, packaged, and distributed from the Czech Republic.

Some of the larger Czech toy manufacturers include ABAfactory, Abrex, Dino Toys, and Merkur, among many others.

Czech Toys producers

Detoa is the largest and oldest producer of wooden toys, parlour game components, wooden beads, upright and grand piano mechanics and keyboards in the Czech Republic. Detoa products are made from the highest quality wood, which is sourced from the mountain regions of Central Europe. All the paints and finishes are high quality, certified, eco-friendly and comply with the EN 71 standard. As most of Detoa’s toys are designed with the smallest children in mind, special attention is given to the technological process and the finish, which guarantees the lasting high quality of their products.

Kovap was established in 1946 by the Sedlak brothers. Each individual tin toy is assembled by hand and involves approximately 200 steps during this process, to produce them. They still use the same traditional manufacturing tools, designs and processes that were used when the company first began, over 70 years ago. This commitment to standards and attention to detail allows the brand to retain the highest quality and value, for which they are renowned. Kovap is the only manufacturer of such particular toys in the world. They have always used the highest quality materials, which are all sourced from Czech Republic and still are to this day. Kovap are also well known for working closely with such brands as Volkswagen, Mercedes, John Deere, Porsche and Fendt (to name a few) in designing and manufacturing limited edition replicas and models of their products.

Miva Vacov (originally trading as JAS) was established in 1946 by Frantiska Janoucha. Frantiska was credited with creating one of the most well known wooden toy designs in the world. Known as the famous ‘clapping duck’, it is still proudly produced and made in Czech Republic and sold to children and families all over the world.  All of their toys are handmade by a small team of people who still use the same processes and machinery as those that were used when the company first began, all those years ago. This ensures that the quality, standards and designs of the toys remain the same today as they have always been. They use the highest quality wood, which is sustainably sourced from the mountain regions of Central Europe.

Ceeda Cavity was established in 2005 by a father and son team who had long been dreaming of designing and producing their own wooden toys. It is still a family run company to this day and is rapidly growing into one of the most popular wooden toy manufactures in Czech Republic. They have always been proud to be an environmentally conscious company that produces handmade wooden products that are both eco friendly and made from sustainably sourced materials. Their products are made from high quality beech wood with elements of oak and ash, which is sourced from various regions of Czech Republic. All of their toys are specifically designed to be replicas of real traffic and construction machines, with a great deal of focus and skill going into the finer details of each toy.

Wood For Kids started their toy production in 2009 with owner and creator Pavel Chvatal. Long before then Pavel always had a passion for working with wood and was blessed with a natural ability and skill set that is evident in all of his handmade creations. Each toy is designed, created and tested by Pavel himself which is a very involved and intricate process. Only around 30% of his ideas make it into final production which is why it is so easy to see the high level of quality and craftsmanship in each and every one of the toys from the Wood For Kids range.

Re pello was founded by Jiri Marjan, who is an owner and design engineer of the brand. Model J™ is the first full suspension wooden balance bike on the market. Re pello was the first brand to come out with such a revolutionary solution. Re pello® provides children with unforgetable experience and happiness from riding. It is because of the combination of a design, high quality materials and a very high standart of craftsmanship. Model J™ combines a perfect design, sophisticated ergonomics and a revolutionary suspension system.

MagiBox - interactive educational technology was established in order to provide an unique interactive technology for childcare centres, primary schools and schools with special needs. It is a Sydney based company specializing in interactive education which is believed helps children to develop their skills. Children become more engaged, enthusiastic and motivated  when they can learn by play. MagiBox offers their customers interactive floors, whiteboards and touchscreens. They also supply many other industries with digital signage, video walls, kiosks and school desk, daycare furniture and custom made furniture.


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