Czech scientists developed mito DFO anti-cancer agent

Published: 05.05.2021 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Czech scientists have developed an anti-cancer agent which targets iron’s mitochondrial metabolism

Scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV ČR) have developed an anti-cancer agent, mitoDFO, which targets iron’s mitochondrial metabolism. It uses the fact that tumorous cells need more iron. It blocks its processes, thus preventing the tumour from growing further.

The new method leads to suppressed cancerous growth and division. It causes cell death not only in vitro, i.e. in glass in the laboratory, but also in vivo. The scientists tested the agent on mouse models. It is an exclusively Czech research project; the scientists and SmartBrain have already applied for patents in the European Union and the United States.

About Laboratory of Tumour Resistance

Laboratory is focused on the mechanisms of cancer resistance and iron metabolism. The major research topics investigated in the lab are:

  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer resistance, proliferation and recurrence
  • Describing the biology of cancer stem-like cells with particular interest in their iron metabolism
  • Developing novel therapeutic approaches that affect cancer cells based on mitochondrial targeting and interference with iron metabolism
  • Deciphering the molecular mechanisms that govern appropriate systemic iron metabolism


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