Foreign trade of Czech Republic with positive balance of CZK 25.1 bn

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Foreign trade balance in goods posted a surplus of CZK 25.1b, up CZK 14.4bn y/y

Foreign trade posted a surplus of CZK 25.1bn

In September 2019 the foreign trade balance in goods at current prices posted a surplus of CZK 25.1bn, up CZK 14.4bn y/y. Exports increased by 8.0 % to CZK 324.7bn and imports increased by 3.4 % to CZK 299.7bn.

This is based on preliminary data from the Czech Statistical Office. The trade balance with EU28 states had an active balance of CZK 71.3bn (+ CZK 11.7bn). In the first nine months of 2019 the national trade surplus totaled CZK 141.2bn, up CZK 54.6bn. Since the start of the year exports increased by 4.0 % and imports by 2.0 %.

Industrial production up 4.9 %

In September 2019 industrial production was down a real 0.6 % y/y after adjusting for the number of workdays. The largest influence was that of the machine and equipment production segment (-0.8 pp, drop of 9.8 %). Without adjustments industrial production was up 4.9 % y/y and 0.8 % m/m. The value of new contracts grew 2.7 % y/y. New international contracts increased by 2.9 % while domestic contracts grew 2.4 %.


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