Iterait develops camera system for customer regulation

Published: 28.10.2020 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

The system monitors store occupancy levels in real time, helps to follow government restrictions on Covid-19

Czech company ITERAIT developed camera system for customer regulation which was launched on the market with the name "Vividi Stay Safe". Vividi Stay Safe device regulates the number of customers in the premises of shopping centres, restaurants and other institutions. The device detects the number of people in a space in real time, even in places with a larger number of entrances.

The system automatically shows newcomers the current occupancy. It recommends whether the customer can enter the space without any worries or wait until the store is vacant. Vividi works on the principle of capturing space with a camera that detects all incoming and outgoing people. It processes the recorded data in real time and immediately sends the results to a web application.


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