KEMP from USA is buying Czech Flowmon Network

Published: 09.11.2020 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

The acquisition combines Kemp´s SW applications with Flowmon network security technologies

The US technology company Kemp has taken over the Czech company Flowmon Networks, which helps ensure the performance and security of computer networks. The acquisition combines Kemp's application availability and security services with Flowmon technologies for deep network visibility and automated security incident response. Thanks to this connection, network (NetOps) and security (SecOps) teams will receive a comprehensive tool for early detection of advanced threats and network anomalies, along with recommendations for corrective action.

About Flowmon

Flowmon Networks was founded in 2007 in Brno as a university spin-off. Flowmon provides unified digital performance and security solution for its customers. Flowmon provides in-context, actionable intelligence to enable any business to run their network without a hitch. Flowmon´s customers Network Operations and Security Operations teams share a common goal - a stable and healthy network. Flowmon can handle on-premise, cloud or virtual environments and will integrate with most solutions out there. The UI is simple and deployment takes 30 minutes. There is no duplicity of effort; just one tool. The solution collects rich network telemetry data from various sources and analyzes it for any relevant information. Using machine learning, heuristics and advanced analytics, it improves network performance, alerts on incidents and enables early threat response.

Today Flomon´s sales channel now extends to more than 40 countries, where it has over 1,200 customers.


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