LIBERTY Ostrava launched tender for hybrid steelworks

Published: 11.11.2020 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

LIBERTY plans to transform its steel-making operations through the use of two hybrid furnaces

Liberty Ostrava has opened a public tender for the supply of new hybrid furnaces. The project is the first of its kind in Europe and is aimed at achieving Ostrava’s carbon neutrality by 2030

The new technology to produce steel will reduce emissions of dust by 60%, emissions of CO2 by more than 50%. The hybrid furnaces will likely replace the current tandem furnaces by 2023. The technology will make it possible for the company to use more local scrap material and reduce thus its dependency on imported materials, such as coal and iron ore. The company can flexibly react to the changing market situation thanks to mixing the production of steel from raw iron with the electric arc furnace technology.

The two hybrid furnaces will replace the plant’s existing four tandem furnaces by 2023. The new hybrid steel-making technology will allow the business to; use higher volumes of abundant local steel scrap, reducing its reliance on imported coal and iron ore; produce significantly lower CO2 emissions; and have greater flexibility to respond to changing market situations, by enabling it to switch between or blend coal based blast furnace and scrap based electric arc furnace produced steel.

LIBERTY Steel Group

The group plans to invest a total of EUR 750 million in the development of its Ostrava steelworks over the course of the next ten years. In addition to the modernization of the steel shop the transformation will also include an extensive modernization of the steel rolling mills, which will improve the quality of steel and expand the product portfolio with high added value products.


Source:, LIBERTY Steel Ostrava

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