Sawmill Javořice will invest over 17 mil USD into new line

Published: 03.09.2019 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Modern equipment of sawmill is expected to increase annual cutting performance by 33%

Pila Javořice (Sawmill Javořice) has launched the largest modernization of cutting technology in its 35-year existence. At the start of September 2019 it suspended belt technology at the sawmill, which it is now disassembling, in order to replace it with more modern equipment.

Overall investment costs for procurement of the new line will total CZK 400m (cca 17,17 mil USD). The sawmill expects performance to increase by roughly one third to an annual cutting volume of more than 450,000 m3.

Apart from this, Pila Javořice is also investing into reducing the plant’s impact on the environment – into new suction towards better air at workplaces, a new wastewater treatment plant and a new vehicle fleet.

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