TATRA trucks has new export contracts for army vehicles

Published: 14.03.2019 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

TATRA TRUCKS will deliver army vehicles for clients in Brazil and Turkey.

Kopřivnice-based truckmaker TATRA TRUCKS won in 2019 contracts for tens of army vehicles for foreign clients. Additional contracts for even more vehicles are being negotiated. The carmaker has won e.g. a contract for the delivery of 56 full 4x4 and 6x6 chasses for military use in Brazil. TATRA TRUCKS will also deliver three TATRA TERRA 8x8 rucks to the South American country. Additionally, the company will deliver 29 TATRA FORCE 8x8 chasses to Turkey. At the same time, the Czech carmaker is taking part in additional tenders for the Turkish Army, primarily for logistic vehicles, truck trailers, rescue vehicles and special superstructure trailers.

TATRA trucks has also a tradition in Indonesia

Tatra T815, a Czech off road champion truck whose name is so famous after dominating the truck segment in the most prestigious rally Paris-Dakar in the world in the period 1986 - 2006. Although the fight in Paris - Dakar is the 4 × 4 version of Tatra T815, but then another version who are driven 6 × 6, 8 × 8, 10 × 8, 12 × 12 and 12 × 8 were also sold well in the market, both meeting civilian and military needs.

Without many publications, in fact T815 Tatra trucks have been operating in Indonesia for several years. One of them is the military variant used by the Navy Marine Corps, the Tatra T815-7 MOR89. This truck champion 8 × 8 off road does look frightening when viewed from the design. It's even futuristic when compared to most TNI trucks.

If traced from his arrival, Tatra T815-7 MOR89 arrive in Indonesia in 2010 in the country along with the arrival of the ML-SR (multiple launcher rocket system) Grad-70 Grad for the Marine Corps, the RM-70 itself bearing a 6 × 6 Tatra T813 truck capable of launching 122 mm caliber rockets as many as 40 units simultaneously. Well, along with him was Tatra T815 which served as a truck supporting the field, in this case acting as a carrier of ammunition.

In November 2010 the Navy Marine Corps began the arrival of a fleet of new BMP-3F IFV (Infantry fighting vehicle) tanks from Russia. Compared to previous Marine Corps amphibious tanks and armored vehicles, the BMP-3F has a heavier weight, which is 18.7 tons. And then the Marine Corps was more interested in employing Tatra T815-7 as a transporter tank to carry BMP-3F from the base to the operation area. The method of loading and uploading tanks to truck decks is similar to that used in the Bedford MT transporter tank belonging to the Indonesian Army cavalry. Even though it was used to transport tanks, the Tatra T815-7 did not necessarily become the arsenal of Marine amphibious tank battalions, but it was still an artillery regiment inventory.

Tatra T815-7MOR89 is a NATO standard military truck designed to operate on heavy terrain with extreme environments. The maximum weight that this truck can carry is indeed capable, a total of 24.3 tons can be transported. Apart from being suitable for carrying supplies of ammunition, Tatra has the tactical ability to carry cysts of artillery and tanks. For logistical support, even this truck can carry containers and other heavy structures.

Source: www.cianews.com, Indomiliter